Güneş Ünal


Assistant Professor

Postdoc, University of Oxford, 2017

PhD, Rutgers University, 2012

BA, Boğaziçi University, 2008

Courses Taught: 

Introduction to Psychology

Introduction to Neuroscience: Brain and Behavior


Experimental Psychology

Selected Topics in Psychobiology: Contemporary Questions & Techniques in Neuroscience

Theories in Pyschology

Research Interests: 

The limbic system

Basal forebrain

Neuronal oscillations

Animal models of anxiety and depression

Neuromodulatory systems

Recent Publications: 

Viney TJ, Salib M, Joshi A, Unal G, Berry N, Somogyi P (2018) Shared rhythmic subcortical GABAergic input to the entorhinal cortex and presubiculum. eLife DOI: 10.7554/eLife.34395. 


Unal G, Crump MG, Viney TJ, Éltes T, Katona L, Klausberger T, Somogyi P (2018) Spatio-temporal specialization of GABAergic septo-hippocampal neurons for rhythmic network activity. Brain Struct Funct 223:2409-2432.


Samarth P, Ball JM, Unal G, Pare D, Nair SS (2017) Mechanisms of memory storage in a model perirhinal network. Brain Struct Funct 222:183–200.


Bocchio M, Fisher S, Unal G, Ellender TJ, Vyazovskiy V, Capogna M (2016) Sleep and serotonin modulate paracapsular nitric oxide synthase expressing neurons of the amygdala. eNeuro DOI: 10.1523/ENEURO.017716.2016. 


Unal G, Joshi A, Viney TJ, Kis V, Somogyi P (2015) Synaptic targets of medial septal projections in the hippocampus and extra-hippocampal cortices of the mouse. J Neurosci 35(48):1581215826.


Unal G, Pare J-F, Smith Y, Pare D (2014) Cortical inputs innervate calbindin-immunoreactive interneurons of the basolateral amygdaloid complex. J Comp Neurol 522:19151928.


Unal G, Pare J-F, Smith Y, Pare D (2013) Differential connectivity of short- vs. long-range extrinsic and intrinsic cortical inputs to perirhinal neurons. J Comp Neurol 521:25382550.


Unal G, Apergis-Schoute J, Pare D (2012) Associative properties of the perirhinal network. Cereb Cortex 22:13181332.