The work of Gaye Soley was Covered in Science

Friday, February 19, 2016


The work covered by Science in the Editor’s Choice section by Gilbert Chin was originally published in Cognition. Soley and Spelke (2016) showed that children show a preference in making new friends based on the shared knowledge of songs. This preference was observed at children as young as 4 years old. The authors stated that:

“These results suggest that young children have a remarkably selective sensitivity to shared cultural knowledge. Shared knowledge may be a powerful determinant of children’s social preferences, both because it underpins effective communication and because it is conveyed by others through social interactions and therefore can serve as a marker of social group identity.” (Soley & Spelke, 2016)


Here you can find the coverage of the work in Science (VOL 351, ISSUE 6275).


You can click here for the original article.

Soley, G., & Spelke, E. S. (2016). Shared cultural knowledge: Effects of music on young children’s social preferences. Cognition, 148, 106-116.


Congratulations to Gaye Soley on her distinguished work!