Updated!! Critical information for the June 1 PsychSci MA/PhD written exam

News & Events: 

The departmental exam for Psychology Graduate Programs will be held on June 1, 2020. The details are as follows.


Dear Applicant,

Please find below the general instructions for the written exam of the Psychological Sciences MA and PhD program.  These are also now available under our departmental announcements.As you know, this will be the first step of the assessment process to be followed by an oral exam/interview for those candidates who successfully passed the written exam.

All necessary instructions regarding the exam questions will be provided on June 1st.  Overall, there will be two sections.

Section 1: Methods

All applicants must complete this section.

Section 2: Content

Each applicant will answer ONLY the content question for their track of interest:  Biopsych, cognitive, developmental. (NOTE:  You cannot apply to more than one track.  Any answers to content questions of the other tracks will be strictly discounted.)

Please carefully read the submission guideline below. This is to familiarize you with the procedure in advance to prevent anxiety-related confusion on June 1st.  We suggest you prepare all the things you will need to have ready in advance (e.g., you can prepare your word document with the appropriate header).

Any submission that does not strictly follow this protocol will be disqualified for further evaluation. 

We wish you the best of luck for June 1st,

Psychological Sciences Graduate Program Admissions Committee




Receipt of exam:

  • On June 1st 9:00 o'clock sharp you will receive an e-mail from 2020psychsci@boun.edu.trwith exam questions written as email text; our automated IT system will allow us to confirm save receipt of the exam mail.
  • Should you not receive any mail by 9:05 (please check your spam and junk mails since this will be a bcc bulk mail) immediately contact our assistants at psy@boun.edu.tr or (212) 359 67 57.


Submission date & time:

  • The exam will end @ 12:30, but there will be a tolerance period of 5 minutes for you to manage the sending back of your typed answers as a word document attachment.
  • After 12:35 no mails will be accepted; if you run into problems immediately contact the assistants before 12:35.


Preparing & naming your document before sending it:

  • Your document should be a .doc or .docx  type document with its username & related information turned anonymous (check http://libraryanswers.law.pace.edu/faq/164905);
  • Your document should be named as lastname_firstname (just in case, with English letters only since Turkish letters can create problems) followed by a 5-digit random number.


For example:  bakirci_deniz_67416 . That 5-digit random number should also appear as a header across all your written pages (see visual below & check https://edu.gcfglobal.org/en/word2016/headers-and-footers/1/ for how to make a header). 


Your name should not appear anywhere on the document!



  • Since we strictly endorse blind grading, our assistants will delete the lastname.firstname part of your file names and then send those unnamed ones to the instructors team with their random 5-digit number naming only (e.g., 67416.doc in place of its original naming bakirci_deniz_67416.doc)


Sending your document

  • Subject line of your mail:  your subject line must be in the following format,

"PSYAPP – your 5-digit random number – Name Lastname", e. g., PSYAPP 67416 Deniz Bakirci

  • Should you have any internet connection issues as you approach the 12:35 deadline, immediately contact our assistants the latest by 12:30 at psy@boun.edu.tr or (212) 359 67 57 ; if you do not do so, we will assume that nothing was sent in and any later contacts will be strictly treated as invalid;


Right after sending your document the latest by 12:35 pm:

  • Once you send your exam document, our automated IT system will be able to instantly track its arrival and check whether it has an attached document.  The system will also send out an instant auto-reply confirming the receipt of your sent-in exam;
  • Should you not receive this instantaneous auto-reply, contact our assistants immediately at psy@boun.edu.tr or (212) 359 67 57; if you do not do so, we will assume that nothing was sent in and any later contacts will be strictly treated as invalid;


Evaluating your exams:

  • All exams will be carefully scrutinized for plagiarism.