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Publications & Presentations


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Recent Posters and Presentations


Aydın E, İyilikci O, Avlar B, Canbeyli R. Dose-dependent, long-term antidepressant effect of a single administration of ketamine. Society for Neuroscience Congress, San Diego, 2007

İyilikci O, Aydın E, Avlar B, Canbeyli R. Effects of SCN lesions in female rats on depression and navigational learning. Society for Neuroscience Congress, San Diego, 2007

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Aksoy Aksel A, Iyilikci O, Yildirim Y, Kutlu MG, Aydin E, Avlar B, Canbeyli R. The effects of Ms/vdb Lesions on Behavioral Despair and Navigational learning. 6th National Congress of Neuroscience), Zonguldak, Turkey, 2007

Pinar Pezuk, Elif Aydin, Ayla Aksoy, Didem Goz, Resit Canbeyli. Bilateral BNST lesions modulates behavioral despair but does not affect navigational learning in female Wistar rats. Society for Neuroscience Congress, Washington, 2006