Area Courses

Area 1 Courses
PSY 233 Life Span Developmental Psychology I: Biological and Cognitive Processes
PSY 234 Life Span Developmental Psychology II: Personality and Social Processes
PSY 241 Social Psychology
PSY 242 Social Influences on Behavior
PSY 251 Psychology of Personality
PSY 338 The Psychology of Adolescence
PSY 443 Culture and Behavior


Area 2 Courses

PSY 228 Cognitive Psychology
PSY 222 Learning
PSY 271 Introduction to Neuroscience: Brain and Behavior
PSY 326 Human Memory
PSY 327 Sensation and Perception
PSY 428 Language Acquisition (as of Spring 2013)
PSY 377 Physiological Psychology
PSY 48R SEL. TP. Music Cognition I


Area 3 Courses

PSY 362 Measurement in Psychology
PSY 363 Abnormal Psychology
PSY 364 Child Psychopathology
PSY 464 Clinical Psychology
PSY 466 Industrial and Organizational Psychology
PSY 48T  SEL. TP. Infant Mental Health


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For the departmental program with area requirements download the excel file titled Psychology Departmental Program at the bottom of the page.


To see a sample program completed by one of our students graduated in 2017, download the excel file titled Sample Program at the bottom of the page.