Hamit Fişek



In Memoriam

+90 212 359 65 89

  • PhD, Stanford University 1969
  • MS, Stanford University, 1968
  • MA, Stanford University, 1966
  • BA, Robert College, 1964
Courses Taught: 
  • Introduction to Statistics for Psychology I & II
  • Research Methods in Psychology I & II
  • Readings & Research in Group Dynamics
  • Advanced Research Methods I & II
  • Group Dynamics
  • Advanced Social Psychology
Research Interests: 
  • Interpersonal processes in small groups
  • Status and legitimation processes
  • Distributive justice and related behaviors
  • Interpersonal evaluations and task performance
Recent Publications: 

Berger, J., M. H. Fişek. 2006. “Diffuse Status Characteristics and the Spread of Status Value: A Formal Theory.” American Journal of Sociology 111(4):1038-79.


Fişek, M. H., J. Berger and R. Z. Norman. 2005. "Status Cues and the Formation of Expectations" Social Science Research34(1):80-102. (doi:10.106/j.ssresearch.2003.10.004)


Fişek, M. H., and S. J. Stuart. 2004. “Status characteristics and reward expectations: Test of a model.” Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Sociological Association in San Francisco, August 14-17, 2004.


Fisek, M. H., D. G. Wagner. 2003. "Reward Expectations and Allocative Behaviors: A Mathematical Model." Pp. 133-148 inPower and Status: Advances in Group Processes, Volume 20 edited by J. Skvoretz and S. Thye. Elsevier.


Fişek, M. H., J. Berger, and J. C. Moore. 2002. "Evaluations, Enactment, and Expectations” Social Psychology Quarterly65:329-345.