Gaye Soley


Associate Professor

Second-year student advisor

Double-major student advisor

Not taking graduate students for the 2023-2024 academic year.

+90 212 359 48 32

Office no: #218


PhD, Harvard University, 2012
MA, Harvard University, 2009
BA, Boğaziçi University, 2006

Courses Taught: 

Introduction to Psychology I & II
Research Methods
Cognitive Development
Advanced Developmental Psychology (Graduate)
Advanced Cognitive Development (Graduate)
Selected Topics in Social Cognitive Development (Undergraduate and Graduate)
Reading and Research in Child Development (Laboratory courses)

Research Interests: 

Social cognition
Inter-group perception
Social learning

Recent Publications: 

Karadağ, D.*Soley, G. (2022). Children intend to teach conventional but not moral norms selectively to ingroup members. Developmental Psychology. Online first publication.

Bozkurt, C.*Soley, G. (2022). Adult listeners can extract age-related cues from child-directed speech. Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology.

Öner, G.*, Oğuz, N.*, Çetin, Ö.*, Ersönmez, S.*, Karan, P.*, Kurupınar, M.*, Serbest, O.*Soley, G. (2021). Online developmental research: Observations from moderated studies. Boğazici University Journal of Education, 38(1).

Soley, G. & Köseler, B.* (2021). The social meaning of common knowledge across development. Cognition, 215, 104811.

Soley, G. & Köseler, B.* (2021). The social power of music: A developmental perspective on the social effects of music-based activities and education programs. Hacettepe University Journal of Education, 36(3), 758-773. (In Turkish)

Soley, G. & Davoodi, T. (2021). The development of essentialist reasoning based on gender, race and language in a sample from Turkey. Studies in Psychology, 41(1).

Soley, G. & Tahiroğlu, D. (2020). A roadmap for researchers focusing on infancy and childhood: Suggestions addressing ethical and practical issues in scientific studies. Journal of Early Childhood Studies, 4(1), 160-180. (In Turkish)

The ManyBabies Consortium (2020). Quantifying sources of variability in infancy research using the infant-directed speech preference. Advances in Methods and Practices in Psychological Science, 3(1), 24-52.

Soley, G. & Sebastian-Galles, N. (2020). Infants’ expectations about the recipients of infant-directed and adult-directed speech. Cognition, 198, 104214.

Davoodi, T., Soley, G., Harris, P. L. & Blake, P. (2020). Essentialization of social categories across development in two cultures. Child Development, 91(1), 163-178.

Soley, G. & Aldan, P.* (2020). Children and adults selectively attribute shared cultural knowledge to speakers of the same language. Child Development, 91(1), e218-e230.

Soley, G. (2019). What do group members share? The privileged status of cultural knowledge for children. Cognitive Science, 43, e12786.

Soley, G. (2019). The social meaning of shared music experiences in infancy and childhood. In Ilari, B. and Young, S. (Eds.) Music in the early childhood: Multidisciplinary perspectives and inter-disciplinary exchanges (pp. 73-85). Cham: Springer.

Aldan, P.* & Soley, G. (2019). The role of intergroup biases in children’s endorsement of information about novel individuals. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, 179, 291-307.

* Indicates student author.

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