İnci Ayhan

Assistant Professor

Chair, Cognitive Science Program

First-year student advisor

+90 212 359 70 51

  • PhD, University College London, 2010
  • BS, Middle East Technical University, 2007 (Double Major: Biology)
  • BS, Middle East Technical University, 2006 (Psychology)


Chair, Cognitive  Science Program (

Vision Lab:

Courses Taught: 
  • Sensation and Perception
  • Introduction to Statistics for Psychology
  • Experimental Psychology
  • Research Methods in Psychology
  • Advanced Cognitive Psychology
  • Matlab Programming for Psychologists
  • Readings and Research in Visual Perception
Research Interests: 
  • Visual perception
  • Temporal processing in the visual system
  • Time perception
  • Visuo-motor interaction
  • Visual adaptation
  • Mapping visual deformations in Macular Degeneration
Recent Publications: 


Basgol, H., Ayhan, I.  & Ugur, E. (Submitted) Psychological, Computational and Robotic Models of Time Perception. 

Akkoc, T., Ugur, E. & Ayhan, I. (Under Review) Trick the body trick the mind: The effect of avatar representation on the perception of available action possibilities in Virtual Reality. Virtual Reality.

Ayhan, I., Zanker, J. & Doyle, E. (Under Review) Measuring image distortions arising from age-related macular degeneration: An Iterative Amsler Grid (IAG). Translational Vision Science & Technology.

Kurtcan, A. M., Thorpe, L & Ayhan, I. (Under Revision) The effect of action on perceptual feature binding. Vision Research.

Ünal, G. & Ayhan, I. (Under Review) Beyindeki saatler. Nesne Psikoloji Dergisi. (in Turkish)

Ayhan, I. & Ünal, G. (Under Revision) Görsel yanılsamalar bağlamında görsel algının esasları. Nesne Psikoloji Dergisi. (in Turkish)

Ayhan, I. & Ozbagci (2020) Action-induced changes in the perceived temporafeatures of visual events. Vision Research, 175, 1-13.

Gulhan, D., & Ayhan, I. (2019). Short-term global motion adaptation induces a compression in the subjective duration of dynamic visual events. Journal of Vision, 19(5), 19-19.

Ayhan, I., & Canbeyli, R. (2018) Zaman, zaman algısı ve biyolojik saat. In Biceroglu, H., Tonge, M., Seckin, M. Adiguzel, E., Gurvit, H. & Hanci, M. (Eds.) Fonksiyonun Cerrahi Anatomisi, İstanbul: Us Akademi. (in Turkish)

Bruno, A., Ayhan, I., & Johnston, A. (2015). Changes in apparent duration follow shifts in perceptual timing. Journal of Vision, 15(2).

Ayhan, I., Revina, Y., Bruno, A., & Johnston, A. (2012). Duration judgments over multiple elements. Frontiers in Perception Science,3: 459.

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Bruno, A., Ayhan, I., & Johnston, A. (2010). Retinotopic adaptation-based visual duration compression. Journal of Vision, 10(10):30, 1-18.

Ayhan, I., Bruno, A., Nishida, S., & Johnston, A. (2009). The spatial tuning of adaptation-based time compression. Journal of Vision, 9(11):2, 1-12.


Selected Presentations

Ayhan, I. (2019). Temporal Processes in the visual system (European Conference on Visual Perception)

Alashan, D., Canbeyli, R., & Ayhan, I. (2018). Multisensory duration reproduction in the supra-second range (European Conference on Visual Perception)

Ozbagci, D., & Ayhan, I. (2018). Action-Induced Compression in the perceived time of visual events (European Conference on Visual Perception)

Kurtcan, A.M., & Ayhan, I. (2017). A Motor Recalibration Influence On Color-motion Asynchrony (CMA) Effect Size In A Visuo Motor Paradigm (European Conference on Visual Perception)

Gulhan, D., & Ayhan, I. (2017). Short-term Adaptation Effects On Perceived Duration In Random Dot Kinematograms (rdks) And Drifting Gratings (European Conference on Visual Perception)

Alashan, D., Gulhan, D., & Ayhan, I. (2016). The effect of colour preference on the perception of emotionally ambiguous faces. (4th International Symposium on Brain and Cognitive Science)

Senyazar, B., Salah, A. A., & Ayhan, I. (2016). The role of attention on the minimum presentation duration required for scene recognition. (European Conference on Visual Perception)

Gulhan, D. & Ayhan, I. (2016). The perceived duration of global motion in random dot kinematogram (RDK) displays. (Vision Sciences Society Annual Meeting).